handmade shoes by hetty rose hetty rose

Kimono Collection 4

Bella Amira Elsie
Jemima Rosa Lily Dixy
Clutch Bag Fan Clutch Bag Wing    

Kimono Collection 3

Haruka Kaiko Kari Kiki
Kimi Mai Mayuri Megumi
Momoko Nanami Tanima Yumi
Coin Purses Clutch Bags Baby Shoes Corsages

Kimono Collection 2

Akiko Amalie 2 Eimi 2 Ella
Hana Kisa Lula Mami
Mika Sakura Kimono Clutch Bag Vegetable Tanned Leather Clutch Bag with Kimono Bow

Kimono Collection 1

Yuki Maya Amalie Anais
Kimiko Imari Eimi Amia
Rina Kuni Saya Mika

Click on the images to see more details. Hetty Rose Shoes are from £400, please contact us directly for more details on pricing and information about ordering shoes and accessories.

Beautiful Wedding Shoes

As possibly the most important day of your life, what better way to celebrate your wedding day than with a pair of beautiful, bespoke, handmade Hetty Rose shoes?

Whether you're looking for a pair to match the fabric or colour theme in your special dress, or you just want something a bit different on your big day, Hetty will work alongside you to create your perfect pair of shoes and accessories.

You can see some examples of shoes we have created on our Wedding Shoes page or contact Hetty directly to discuss how she can help with your dream day.